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SLTWYC - South Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club

Ahoy Windjammers, 

Debbie and I have been able to sail the lyon's share of this winter. Except for February, when winter asserted itself in earnest and the canals froze thick enough to drive a car on. 

On March 14, I decided to take a shot at breaking the ice from Ernie's dock with the ice breaker "Valkyrie". I thought, if I can get out, then we should set the marks! Yeah... I know.... it's a bit early for some, but if there's one other sailboat on the lake... that's a race! Three hours of ice breaking paid off... (6 tons has it's advantages).

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I texted Rear Commodore Steve Katzman, Mike Robinson, and a (potential) new member, Kevin Mayer and we had a team for Saturday, to set "C" and "R" before the St. Patties Day party at the Clubhouse. 

On Sunday, Debbie and I, joined by Mike and Carolyn Robinson, Kurt and Laura Rasmussen, Kevin Mayer, and Michele Black. Broke through a little "re-freeze" and, in a light wind, sailed Valkyrie around Fannette Island 'till the wind got tired and quit us.


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Today, the 22nd,  the legacy icy is abating rapidly, and soon, the "White Sands" yacht club should be populated with water toys, AKA Express 27s. 

Splash yer yacht, don yer parkas, and see if you can catch us!


A day on the water is better than a day on dirt.

South Lake Tahoe

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SLTWYC Clubhouse

Tahoe Keys Boulevard 589, Suite E2
South Lake Tahoe, California

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