I am away at yet another Express 27 race in the Bay and I miss these yummy oysters and cunning foods.  Have fun and make merry.

Our system of racing was designed in the mid 1980’s when 15 to 25 boats appeared for each race.  We are now getting 3 to 6 boats out for a race.  We don’t want to hold one boat back from racing.  So we are going to be creative about how we start and score our races this summer.  

Be prepared to start on a line defined by Mark O and a temporary mark. No signal boat.  You will need a watch synched to GPS time.  You will need a vhf radio.  You will need to take your finish time.  This will all be discussed before we start the racing season.  The skipper’s meeting will be where we determine how we’re going to run the day’s race.  It is all in an effort to get YOU to come and race your boat.

We have a small and very active fleet of Express 27’s.  I intend to send them off on the courses they like.  I encourage other boats to come out and race also.  I will see they have courses they like. Separate from the Express’s.  Start separate also.  All are welcome and I will accommodate everyone.

We are taking committee boat signups because some want to serve.  And some of our events need such committee work.  So please sign up for a date.  We will work with you.  

We lost at least three boats last season because the dry storage deal with Tahoe Keys Marina is too expensive.  If those boats find a place at a homeowner’s dock they are back. Talk to me.

It is possible to launch a sailboat with a draft of up to five feet at the Cave Rock Ramp.  I did it last season and intend to do it again.  The fee is only $20.  I am willing to explain how it is done and will help you launch there.  Takes a crew of 3 and a strong truck.  Talk to me.

The Tahoe City Marina has reasonable prices for launch and mast raise.  They are well staffed with polite and helpful personnel.  I retrieved my boat there September 2018 and it was well. Talk to me.

Thanks for coming tonight and I’ll see you later this season.

Steve Katzman