Hello Racers,
Our upcoming event is Sunday July 5. Funnette Isle Race is the title.
However, we will not be racing into the famous and crowded Emerald Bay on the most crowded afternoon of the season. I will pick some kind of medium distance course.
There will be a brief registration skipper's meeting. 1pm frontyard of Ross Groelz residence, 2163 White Sands.
Race fee will be $ 20. Please bring check or exact cash.
First warning is intended for 2:30 pm at mark O(club mark).
Have aboard vhf radio for channel 68 and course sheets, and a watch synched to GPS time. No signal/comm boat will be on station. Course announcement and warning signal will be via channel 68. You will take your own finish times.
A limited few course sheets shall be available at this meeting. You may also print course sheets off our website : sltwyc.com find them in the racing section.
This event is running under the Standing Sailing Instructions of the SLTWYC. This e mail serves as NOR and SI's.
SDK Steve Katzman