How does the crew list work?

You start by filling out the crew list form below. The form contains your contact information, your preferences in sailing and any qualifications that you may have. By the way, we encourage beginners to submit their names to the crew list. Many skippers prefer training someone new rather than trying to get rid of “bad” habits of “experienced” crew. We also encourage skippers to try out new crew members. Like most sports, we like to get new people involved. The skippers meetings take place the day of the race. This may present a potential crew member with the opportunity to get on a boat.

The Racing Crew List

When filling out your experience try not to oversell yourself because it will become apparent soon after you start what your real qualifications are. This is the most active crew list and it can get you on a boat quickly. We encourage novices to post. You would be surprised how many skippers would prefer an enthusiastic novice over someone with experience.

The Cruising Crew List

If you are looking to sail and meet some new friends, this is the list for you. Experience is less important than for racing and it’s a good way to get your feet wet, so to speak. When a skipper contacts you to go sailing, it’s a good idea to ask them about their experience. You don’t want to go out as a novice with a novice skipper. Skippers appreciate it if you volunteer to bring food or drink along for the sail.

Skippers looking for crew

Post your info below to let potential crew know that you have space on your boat!

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  1. Ron Maloney Avatar
    Ron Maloney

    It has been a long time (years) since I have raced on a sailboat. I am wanting to learn more about racing and sailing on Lake Tahoe.

    1. Greg Felton Avatar
      Greg Felton

      Ron, Are you available on Sunday, August 13th to race on my Express 27? Greg 775 313 8513

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