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SLTWYC - South Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club

South Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club presents ...

Open to the public - both men and women - of any experience level.

Hi All,

Spring is here & the 2019 events for SLTWYC are in full swing.

We have had the Chowder Feed, St. Patrick's Day, Opening Day on the Bay with a Cocktail Party at the Fairmont Condominiums at Ghirardelli Square, & Cinco de Mayo. All of which have been successful & very well attended.

Algunas fotos de la fiesta del Cinco de Mayo.
Some pictures from the San Francisco Bay Opening Day Boat Parade

Opening Day on the Bay sponsored by PICYA was up again Sunday April 28 with the theme "Holidays on the Bay".

And many thanks to Jim & Carol Crecelius who again offered to host a Cocktail Party at their lovely condominium at Ghirardelli Square.

Some pictures from the Chowder Feed
Valkyrie breaking ice in Tahoe Keys

Ahoy Windjammers, 

Debbie and I have been able to sail the lyon's share of this winter. Except for February, when winter asserted itself in earnest and the canals froze thick enough to drive a car on. 

On March 14, I decided to take a shot at breaking the ice from Ernie's dock with the ice breaker "Valkyrie". I thought, if I can get out, then we should set the marks! Yeah... I know.... it's a bit early for some, but if there's one other sailboat on the lake... that's a race! Three hours of ice breaking paid off... (6 tons has it's advantages).

South Lake Tahoe

Clear Sky
Humidity: 28%
Wind: 7 mph
46 / 70
47 / 75
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SLTWYC Clubhouse

Tahoe Keys Boulevard 589, Suite E2
South Lake Tahoe, California

The clubhouse is only open for events, so please see the Events calendar for more information. 

You can contact us here