May 2024 | Linda Gordon, Vice Commodore

PICYA Opening Day on SF Bay

On Saturday April 27, Opening Day Weekend kicked off as Jim & Carol Crecelius opened their lovely condo at Ghirardelli Square overlooking SF Bay. In addition to those going on the boat, Catherine and Kevin Kornegay and Jonquil Petersen and her cousin joined us. We had a very nice time catching up on all that has happened over the winter while enjoying the fabulous views.

On Sunday eight of us, along with 170 other PICYA guests, boarded the LUXE Cruise Boat Cabernet Sauvignon for a 5-hour cruise on San Francisco Bay. Joining Gary and I on the trip were Jim and Carol Crecelius, their guests Renee and Garrett Becker, and John and Carra Johnck. Our table was completed by a very nice couple from Ohio who were visiting, who had heard about the fun day and came along.

The weather was beautiful – although a bit cool if you went to the outer decks – but there was very little wind. It was pretty smooth sailing most of the day. We enjoyed a continental breakfast & buffet lunch. The parade of over 70 boats sailed by our windows on the boat. These boats represented many of the Yacht Clubs in PICYA. Some were decorated in the theme of “Rockin’ the Bay,” others were decorated with flags and streamers, and some boats were undecorated and just having a fun time. We would love to have a boat representing SLTWYC in this event in the future!

It was really a great day, enjoyed by all who attended.

I hope to see all of you very soon!
Linda Gordon
Vice Commodore
South Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club